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Nevada Employment Agency Bond

June 21, 2018

Nevada Employment Agency Bond

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Nevada Employment Agencies



In Nevada, employment agencies are also known as PEA's (private employment agencies).

AmeriPro Surety Bonds will use the above abbreviation below when discussing Nevada-based employment agencies below.



Nevada Employment Agencies Definition



The Nevada Office of the Labor Commissioner is the governing body which oversees PEA’s.

PEA’s are defined as businesses:

  • Which find candidates and provide information to employers who are looking for employees;
  • Who finds persons who are seeking employment and then matches them up with employers;
  • Maintains a record of the above.

In Nevada, you are a PEA if an employee candidate that you have matched to an employer works at that business, but is still paid by the PEA.

The Labor Commissioner also regards you as a PEA if you charge either the employer or the employee a fee for your services.



Applying for a PEA License in Nevada



The application for a PEA license in Nevada is fairly straightforward.

Applicants will need to:

  • File an application for all principals of the business;
  • Pay a $100 license fee. The fee is from January 1st through December 31st and is non-refundable;
  • Provide a certificate of the fictitious business name, if applicable;
  • Provide two affiants who attest to the applicant’s decent character;
  • If applicable, provide a copy of the Articles of Incorporation to the Labor Commissioner’s office;

File a $1,000 surety bond with the Nevada Labor Commissioner’s office.



Nevada PEA $1000 Surety Bond



The Nevada Labor Commissioner requires a $1,000 surety bond for PEA's.

The bond is not an insurance policy.

This surety bond is a protection for the consumer against any fraudulent, illegal, or criminal acts that a PEA might commit in the course of their duties.



Cost of the Nevada PEA $1,000 Surety Bond



Nevada PEA applicants will not pay $1,000 for the surety bond.

It is probable that this surety bond is no more than $100; however it will not be much at all



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