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Nevada Vehicle Transporter Bond

June 19, 2018

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Nevada Vehicle Transporter



Nevada vehicle transporters are licensed and fall under the jurisdiction of the Occupational and Business Licensing division of the Nevada DMV.

The address of this DMV division is as follows:

Nevada DMV

Occupational and Business Licensing Division

555 Wright Way

Carson City, NV 89711




Definition of a Nevada Vehicle Transporter



Nevada DMV vehicle transporters are persons or businesses who transport vehicles in which the persons or company has no ownership interest.

The vehicles are required to be registered and they are individually operable.



Becoming Licensed as a Nevada DMV Vehicle Transporter



The following are included in the requirements to be licensed as a Nevada DMV transporter:

  • Applicants will want to complete a licensing application. For a business, at least one principal must complete the application;
  • A fee of $101, non-refundable, must be included with the application;
  • ALL principals of the company, even if there is only one applicant, are required to complete a personal history questionnaire. The questionnaire will include questions relating to any past felony convictions, if applicable; job histories; and whether or not an applicant is in arrears for child support payments;
  • Each principal must submit to fingerprinting, including a $36.25 non-refundable fingerprinting application fee;
  • An insurance liability policy, defined by the Nevada DMV as follows:

A garage or commercial liability policy which includes the following wording:

“Any auto (symbol 21 for Garage Liability or symbol 1 for Commercial Auto), CSL of at least $55,000 per accident or bodily injury $15,000 per person, bodily injury $30,000 per accident, property damage $10,000.


Hired and non-owned autos (symbols 28 and 29 and 30 or symbols 8 and 9 for Commercial Auto), CSL of at least $55,000 per accident or bodily injury $15,000 per person, bodily injury $30,000 per accident, property damage $10,000.”


  • A surety bond  for $100,000



Nevada Vehicle Transporter Surety Bond



The Nevada $100,000 DMV transporter surety bond is required by the Occupational Business and Licensing Division (they are the obligee for this surety bond) before a vehicle transporter license will be issued.

This bond guarantees that all laws will be complied with in the transporting of vehicles, and that no criminal or fraudulent acts will be committed.

It is important to note that this surety bond protects the interests of the DMV and any consumers, not the DMV transporter.



Cost of the Nevada DMV Transporter Surety Bond



While the face amount of this surety bond required is $100,000, applicants will only pay a small percentage of that amount.

Applicants with optimal credit scores may pay anywhere between 1-3% of the bond price.

Applicants with poorer credit histories will be able to obtain this surety bond as well; however, such applicants should be prepared to pay a higher bond premium.



AmeriPro Surety Bonds



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