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North Carolina Mortgage Broker Bond

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The Office of the Commissioner of Banks is the regulatory body which oversees mortgage brokers in North Carolina.

The Commissioner is also the obligee for the mortgage broker surety bond on behalf of the people of North Carolina. The Office requires mortgage bonds to be issued in one of 3 dollar amounts. The amount is determined by broker production levels.

Once obtained, the bond is filed electronically (Electronic Surety Bond) through the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS).

AmeriPro Surety Bonds works to find you the best surety bond pricing.




North Carolina Mortgage Broker Bond: Amount Required




According to § 53-244-103 of the state’s statutes, the surety bond amount required of you as a mortgage broker is calculated as follows:

  • The minimum North Carolina mortgage broker bond required is $75,000;
  • In a 12 month period which ends on December 31st, production between $10 million dollars, but less than $50 million will require a $125,000 surety bond;
  • In the same period, production levels greater than $50 million will require a $250,000 mortgage broker bond.



North Carolina Mortgage Broker Bond: The Premium




The premium for this surety bond represents the cost that you will pay for its issuance.

The premium is primarily determined by:

  • Information provided by you on your surety bond application (the questions may include information regarding lawsuits, tax liens, debts, properties owned, etc. This is owing to the surety bond’s large amount);
  • Your credit score.

While the premium will vary from person to person, as a broad general rule, applicants with good credit may pay as little as 1% annually for this bond $750, $1250, or $2500 annually.

However, the amount required for any and all of these bonds may vary considerably, and our agency will work to find you the best surety bond pricing.








Once issued, the North Carolina mortgage broker bond is active for one year. A current electronic surety bond must always remain on file with the Commissioner as a prerequisite for continued activity as a mortgage broker.




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