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Ohio Telephone Solicitor Bond


The $50,000 Ohio telephone solicitor bond has a premium of just $750 annually.  There is no credit check.  Please call AmeriPro Surety Bonds:   844-589-9732.

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Ohio Telephone Solicitors




Telephone solicitors, broadly defined as those who call someone with whom they do not have an established business relationship in an attempt to get that person to purchase good or services, are required to be licensed by the state Attorney General Office.

Additionally, the Ohio Attorney General Office requires telephone solicitors to obtain a $50,000 surety bond.

Both the new and renewal Ohio telephone solicitor bond are available from AmeriPro Surety Bonds.



Qualifying and the Premium


You are automatically approved for the $50,000 Ohio telephone solicitor bond.  The premium will cost you just $750 annually.  When you call us, we'll take the application from you right over the phone.

Really, the process is very simple:  We'll ask you the name that you want on your surety bond, along with your organization's address, phone number and email address. We'll also ask you the County where your organization is located.

After payment of the $750 premium, our agency issues this bond to you immediately.  Your bond, along with a Power of Attorney form are sent to you for filing.  Upon receipt, you'll sign your bond as Principal, filing it with all included documents to:

State of Ohio, Attorney General

30 East Broad Street

Consumer Protection, 14th Floor

Columbus, OH 43215

Additional Premium Payment Options

At your discretion, you may prepay this surety bond up to 3 years, since the bond renews annually.  Prepayment of your premium will save you considerably over renewing each year.

The premium prepayment options and savings are as follows:

  • If prepaid for 2 years, the premium is $1350, a $150 savings;
  • If prepaid for 3 years, the premium is $1950, a $300 savings.




Ohio Telephone Solicitor Bond: The Purpose




The required Ohio telephone solicitor bond is a financial guarantee for the state Attorney General Office and the residents of Ohio.

The telephone solicitor bond is a financial guarantee that a licensed solicitor will be in compliance with all laws and statutes which govern telephone soliciting in the state.

More specifically, the Ohio telephone solicitor bond protects against acts of fraud, theft, or criminal malfeasance committed by a licensed solicitor, agents, employees, or owners in the performance of their professional duties.

The bond allows those who can credibly demonstrate financial harm to file against your bond in an effort to recoup losses.

But your surety bond is not an insurance policy which protects you.

And because it is not, if a payment were paid from your surety bond, you would in turn be legally liable to reimburse the surety in full for all costs and fees in the settlement of that claim.




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