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Oregon DMEPOS Bond

September 5, 2018

AmeriPro Surety Bonds provides DMEPOS participants with the Oregon DMEPOS Bond. Please call us and allow our agency to work for you to obtain the best pricing for this -- and any other --- surety bond you may need. 844-589-9732.

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Medical suppliers to the Oregon Medicare and the Oregon Medicaid programs must meet and maintain certain qualifications.

They are also required to maintain an Oregon DMEPOS bond for at least $50,000.








DMEPOS is an acronym for durable, medical, prosthetics, and orthotics suppliers.

This federally mandated plan allows suppliers of medical equipment to provide these item to those who participate in Medicare or Medicaid (for the latter, the states which participate in this program).

Though the program is federally mandated, individual states can make rules which relate to to DMEPOS participates within their authority.

The state of Oregon has some additional rules for DMEPOS suppliers.




Oregon DMEPOS Bond:




In 2009, in response to excessive abuses within the Medicare and Medicaid programs (systemic over billing totaling millions of dollars in some instances), the federal government mandated that DMEPOS suppliers obtain a surety bond.

As noted, above the surety bond is for at least $50,000:

Other considerations for the surety bond requirement include:

  • Each NPI location for DMEPOS suppliers will have its own surety bond. If there are 5 NPI locations, a DMEPOS bond for $250,000 would be required;
  • The DMEPOS bond renews on an annual basis;
  • Physicians and others are exempted from the bond requirement if in the course of their practice, they only provide the medical supplies to their own patients;
  • Occupational therapists are also exempt if they alone own their business.




Oregon DMEPOS Bond: The Premium Due and Duration of the Bond




The premium for an Oregon DMEPOS bond will be determined almost entirely by two criteria:

  • One, is the amount of the surety bond required. The surety bond goes in increments of $50,000;
  • The second is the applicant’s credit score.

For example may pay as little as $250 for a $50,000 Oregon DMEPOS bond, for one year.

For a $250,000 surety, that same applicant might pay as little as $1,250 for the year.

Regardless of an applicant’s credit scoring, AmeriPro Surety Bonds will work to obtain the best pricing available.

DMEPOS bonds are issued for one year and renew on an annual basis.

At the time of the surety bond renewal, another “soft pull” credit check is run.




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