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Oregon Private Investigator Bond

September 4, 2018

Oregon PI's are required to maintain an Oregon private investigator bond for $5,000.00. The bond may be prepaid up to 3 years for as little as $250! Call AmeriPro Surety Bonds today at:                    844-589-9732.

Oregon Private Investigator Bond

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Oregon Private Investigators




Oregon private investigators are regulated by the Oregon DPSST Private Investigators Department .

Private investigators may engage in the research of:

  • Crimes and the source(s) of the crime;
  • The location of property which has been lost or stolen;
  • The source(s) of arson, vandalism, and accidents.

Some Requirements to be an Oregon Private Investigator include:

Applicants for an Oregon private investigator license will need to provide the following:

  • Completion of a PI-1 application;
  • Proof that the applicant has at least 1500 hours of related private investigator experience;
  • An application fee of $29; a fingerprint background check fee of $40; and a licensing fee of $550;
  • A list of residences for the prior 10 years before applying;
  • 3 letters of professional recommendation;
  • Photos of the applicant in a manner prescribed by the licensing division;
  •  Obtaining a $5000 surety bond.


Oregon Private Investigator Bond: Purpose




The $5000 Oregon private investigator bond is required by the obligee, the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards.

The bond is a guarantee that the licensed private detective will act according to all laws prescribed by the Oregon state legislature.

The surety bond, it is understood, is not a protection for the Oregon private investigator.

It is, rather, issued as a financial guarantee for consumers and citizens of the state.

The bond protects them from any acts of criminal activity, fraud, or malfeasance committed by an Oregon PI in the course of their duties.




Oregon Private Investigator Bond: Premium

While the amount of the Oregon private investigator bond is $5,000, the premium will be nowhere near that amount.

This bond may be prepaid for a period of up to 3 years.

  • A one year or two year (no; this is not a typo) Oregon private investigator bond may be as low as $100;
  • A three year Oregon private investigator bond may be as low as $250.

Issued Oregon private investigator bonds should run concurrent with the PI license so as to remove the possibility of license suspension.




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