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Pennsylvania MMA Promoter Bond


The $15,000 Pennsylvania MMA promoter bond is required for licensing as a promoter. The bond is reasonably price. Please call AmeriPro Surety Bonds today: 844-589-9732.

Pennsylvania MMA Promoter Bond

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Pennsylvania MMA




According to the Commonwealth’s Department of State website, Pennsylvania is one of the most active states for professional boxing and mixed martial arts MMA.

In order to lawfully act as a promoter, Pennsylvania MMA promoters in the state must:

  • Pay a nonrefundable $100 application fee;
  • Be licensed;
  • Pass a criminal background check;
  • Obtain a $15,000 MMA promoter surety bond.

AmeriPro Surety Bonds offers you the $15,000 MMA promoter surety bond for a very reasonable price.




Pennsylvania MMA Promoter Bond: The Purpose




The purpose of the PA MMA promoter surety bond is to serve as a financial guarantee that a licensed promoter will follow all legal statutes in their professional conduct.

More specifically, the bond is a financial guarantee which ensures:

  • Payment by a MMA sports promoter of all licenses and fees;
  • Complying with all contractual obligations with MMA participants and other licensees;
  • And compliance with the Pennsylvania Boxing Act.

But the MMA promoter bond is not an insurance policy for the licensed promoter:

Should a claim be paid on the policy, it is your legal liability as owner of the bond (the bond’s principal or obligor) to repay the surety for any costs and fees involved in the settlement of a surety claim.




Pennsylvania MMA Promoter Bond: Premium and Duration




The premium, or the price for the bond’s issuance may be as little as a few percentages of the bond’s $15,000 amount.

The amount you will pay will be determined by information provided in a standard application.

As part of the application process, a credit check may also be involved.

Our agency can provide you with an application, or one can be completed over the phone with our agents. The process takes a few minutes.

The Pennsylvania mma promoter license expires on December 31st of each year. The bond should have dates which run concurrent with your MMA promoter license so as to prevent any gaps or lapses in bond coverage.

A lapse in coverage could result in a possible suspension of your MMA promoter license.




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