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Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Salvor Bond

November 9, 2018

The Pennsylvania motor vehicle salvor bond is required by the Commonwealth's Department of Transportation. This bond is in increments of $10,000. AmeriPro Surety Bonds offers this bond to you without a credit check for any amount up to and including $50,000, at 1%.  Please call us at 844-589-9732.

Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Salvor Bond

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Salvors in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania




The salvor surety bond is required of those who are in the business of salvaging vehicles or offer repair towing services in Pennsylvania.

The industry is regulated by the Commonwealth’s Department of Transportation.

Laws which regulate the industry are found under Chapter 253 of the PA Code, which also requires the surety bond.




Qualifying and the Premium



You as an applicant are automatically approved for the $10,000 Pennsylvania motor vehicle salvor bond.  There is no credit involved in qualifying for the surety bond, and the premium is just $100 annually. You also automatically qualify for any amount up to and including $50,000 without a credit check.  The premium will be 1% of the amount required.  Amounts greater than $50,000 if applicable to you, will require an underwriter review which includes a credit inquiry.

When you call us, we'll ask you the following:

  • The name, exactly as it should appear on your surety bond;
  • Your contact information, including your address, email and at least one telephone number;
  • Your DBA name, if applicable;
  • Your Dealer ID number, if you have it (we know, sometimes you first need a surety bond to get a dealer id number, if this is your first time);
  • The address of any branches, if applicable;
  • The county where you operate.

After payment of the $100 (for a $10,000 surety bond amount) premium, our agency issues your bond to you for filing.  Thereafter, your surety bond along with a Power of Attorney (POA) form will be mailed to you.  It is the the original surety bond and POA form that you'll need to file, not a copy.

The filing address is:

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Department of Transportation

P.O. BOX 68283

Harrisburg, PA 17106

**** Additional Premium Prepayment Options ****

The $100 premium related to your $10,000 surety bond will renew on the anniversary of its issuance.  You may choose to prepay your bond up to 3 years which will offer you a savings over annual renewals.

The premium prepayment option and savings are as follows:

  • If prepaid for 2 years, the premium is $180, a $20 savings;
  • If prepaid for 3 years, the premium is $260, a $40 savings.

The same is likewise true for any higher premium, which offer additional savings.






Pennsylvania Salvor Bond: The Purpose of this Bond




A surety bond is not for the protection of your salvor business, although it is required for licensing.

The bond is for the protection of others, namely, the public and people of the state of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Specifically, this surety bond is a financial guarantee that licensed salvor’s will be in compliance with all rules and laws in their business conduct.

The surety bond’s existence protects the public from acts of violations of the law, fraud, theft, or criminal misconduct committed by a salvor, its owners, agents, or employees, as it relates to their professional duties.

The bond’s existence allows those who can demonstrate harm to be compensated up to the bond’s $10,000 surety bond amount, in aggregate.

But, should a claim be paid by a surety company, it is the legal responsibility of the salvor to reimburse the surety for all costs involved.




The Cost of the Pennsylvania Salvor Bond:




The surety bond cost, also known as the premium, for the salvor bond is as little as $100.

The amount of your premium will be determined by the following:

  • The dollar amount of the salvor bond that you’re required to purchase;
  • An application, which we can accept from you directly over the phone;
  • A standard credit check.

Qualifying for this surety bond is relatively easy, and our agency works to find you the best surety bond pricing regardless of your credit history.




Duration of the Salvor Bond




Your salvor bond is issued for a period of one year from the effective date.

Ideally, you should try to have the salvor bond run concurrent with your license as issued by the Commonwealth’s Department of Transportation so as to prevent any lapse in bond coverage.

A lapse could conceivably result in the state suspending your license until the lapse is cured.

Were that to occur, of course, we would help you in anyway possible.




How to get a Salvor License in Pennsylvania




Besides the surety bond requirement, the state offers a salvor manual for those interested in licensing.




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