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Pennsylvania Title Insurance Agent Bond

November 13, 2018

The Pennsylvania title insurance agent bond is a $100,000 surety bond required by the Commonwealth's Department of Insurance. AmeriPro Surety Bonds offers this as a new and renewal surety bond: 844-589-9732.  We now offer this bond, without a credit check, for $500, if you qualify! See our update!

Pennsylvania Title Insurance Agent Bond

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Pennsylvania Title Agents




Pennyslvania title agents are licensed by the Commonwealth’s Department of Insurance.

As per the requirements of the Department and Title 40 P.S. Insurance Per 40 P.S. 910-26.1(3)  as a title agent, you are personally required to maintain a $100,000 surety bond as a prerequisite for licensing.




Pennsylvania Title Insurance Agent Bond: The Bond’s Purpose




Why are you required to purchase a $100,000 Pennsylvania title insurance agent bond?

This bond’s purpose is to protect your customers/consumers of the Commonwealth from any acts of fraud, theft, criminal misconduct, misrepresentation, or malfeasance committed by you as a licensed title insurance agent in the performance of your professional duties.

The bond is furthermore a financial guarantee to the Commonwealth that you will comply with all regulatory statutes.

As such, the bond allows those who can demonstrate financial harm to recoup financial losses up to the bond’s $100,000 amount (in total; not per person).

The surety bond, although purchased by you and a requirement for licensing, is for the benefit of any actual and potential customers; it does not protect you as a licensed title insurance agent at all.

If a claim against your surety bond were deemed actionable, any amounts paid by the surety become your legal obligation to reimburse in full, including any and all costs and fees involved in the settlement of a claim.




Pennsylvania Title Insurance Agent Bond: You Must Pay Yourself




By the same statutes, a Pennsylvania title insurance agent is solely responsible for paying the premium for the title insurance agent surety bond.

The law expressly prohibits a title insurance company --- directly or indirectly --- from paying your surety bond premium.  We do not question the source of your funds for the premium.




Premium for the PA Title Insurance Agent Bond




The premium you are required to pay will be determined by a

  • An application (our agency can accept your application over the phone. It is sometimes advisable to do so as you can provide any ancillary information needed to process your application which can in turn result in a more favorable rate);
  • And a standard credit check.

Those who demonstrate good credit may pay as little as 1% annually for this bond; however, the amount you will be required to pay will almost entirely be the determined by your credit score.

Applicants with poorer credit scores should take comfort in the fact that we will work to get you the best surety bond pricing available, regardless of your overall credit standing.

In some cases where premiums are substantial, we may be able to offer premium financing.

UPDATE (May 2019):  AmeriPro Surety Bonds now offers this bond for a flat fee of:

$500 for one year

$900 if prepaid for two years

$1300 if prepaid for 3 years.

To qualify:

  • You must have never been convicted of a felony;
  • You must have never been owner of a company which filed for bankruptcy or became insolvent;
  • You must have never had a surety bond which was terminated or had a claim.
  • You must have been operating in the same business, same ownership, and same location for at least 3 years. 


However, if you do not qualify for the price point, be assured that our agency will still provide you with very good pricing.

About AmeriPro Surety Bonds




AmeriPro Surety Bonds is a surety bonds-only agency.

As a Pennsylvania title insurance agent with a surety bond that is a big requirement, our goal is to work with and for you to obtain the best surety bond pricing.

Since we are a surety bonds-only agency, you can be assured that you’ll have our undivided attention.

Our agency also provides other license and permit surety bonds throughout the Commonwealth and nationwide.

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