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Tennessee Beauty Pageant Bond

May 1, 2019

The Tennessee beauty pageant bond is a $10,000 surety bond which is issued instantly. Please call AmeriPro Surety Bonds today at 844-589-9732.

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Beauty Pageants – Tennessee




The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance regulates the licensing of beauty pageants and requires the filing of a surety bond.

AmeriPro Suety Bonds offers the Tennessee beauty pageant surety bond for both first time and renewal applicants.

Getting your surety bond is easy and takes just a matter of minutes!




Tennessee Beauty Pageant Bond: Amount of the Surety And the Premium




The Tennessee beauty pageant bond is a $10,000 surety bond required of beauty pageants operating in the state.

This surety bond costs just $100.00 for a year. Qualifying is easy and involves no credit check.  Merely complete a surety bond application, pay the annual fee, and the bond is issued immediately to be mailed to you by the same or by the next business day.




Surety Bond Payment Options




While your Tennessee beauty pageant bond renews annually, options exist to prepay this surety bond for up to 3 years.

The breakdown for pricing is as follows:

  • $100 for one year;
  • $180 for two years;
  • $260 for three years.



The Purpose of this Surety Bond Requirement




The purpose of your Tennessee beauty pageant bond is to serve as a financial guarantee that as an operator of beauty pageants, you will be in compliance with all state and local rules. Such rules and statutes include any future amendments, additions, or deletions.

The bond, while required of your beauty pageant agency or company, is for the benefit of those who can demonstrate harm (not merely losing a contest!) due to the violation of any related laws; it is not therefore an insurance policy.

Applicants for this bond should have a good working definition of a beauty pageant as provided by the state of Tennessee.




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