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Tennessee Health Club Bond

May 14, 2019

The Tennessee health club bond is a $25,000 surety bond required by the state's Department of Commerce and Insurance. The bond may cost you as little as 1% annually. Please call our agency today; the bond is easy to get and low priced:              844-589-9732.

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Health Clubs – Tennessee




Health clubs in Tennessee are licensed and overseen by the state’s Department of Commerce and Insurance.

As a prerequisite for licensing, a health club surety bond must be furnished to the Department.




Tennessee Health Club Bond: Amount of Surety Bond Required and the Pricing




The Tennessee health club bond is a $25,000 surety bond required of your health club business. The Department of Commerce and Insurance is the surety bond’s obligee (this is a fancy word which simply means the entity requiring the bond).

The pricing for this surety bond will be determined by an application (completed with our agency in a matter of minutes) and a personal or business credit score check.

Typically, an applicant will pay about 1%, or $250 annually for this bond; however, the results of your credit may cause the bond’s premium to be higher.

As a general rule, qualifying at a good price for this will be easy for the majority of our customers.




Duration of this Bond:




The Tennessee health club bond is issued for one year, and expires thereafter. In some cases, options may exist to prepay this surety bond for 2 or 3 years, which also offers a savings over year to year renewal of this bond.

Its Purpose

The Tennessee health club bond is a financial guarantee which does several things:

As a health club entity, you are required to:

  • Provide any agreements to your customer or potential customers in writing;
  • Have any such agreements signed by your customer;
  • Provide wording in clear writing which states that the buyer may cancel the agreement within 3 days of signing.



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