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Texas Debt Collection Bond / Third Party Debt Collector

September 27, 2018

A $10,000 Texas collection agency bond is required of credit bureaus, and third party debt collectors who operate in the state. This bond costs as little as $100!
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Texas Collection Agencies



The main things to know about registration requirements for Texas collection agencies, or “third party debt collectors” who operate in Texas, are that:

  • There is no license requirement;
  • There are no fees to be paid;
  • There is just the surety bond requirement, which must be filed with the Texas Secretary of State, as per Texas Financial Code §392.101;
  • There is also no fee for filing the bond with the State Secretary.

However, to operate legally as a third party debt collector in Texas, a currently active surety bond is always required: Texas Financial Code §392.402.




Texas Collection Agency Bond: Amount




Texas collection agencies must file a $10,000 Texas collection agency bond with the Texas Secretary of State.




Texas Collection Agency Bond: Its Purpose




The purpose of the Texas collection agency bond is to protect others, – (that is, consumers) --- from any violations or “damages” by violation of Texas Financial Code §392.101.

More directly, this surety bond is required to protect consumers from fraud or criminal activity committed by a Texas collection agency, its owners, employees or managers, who operate in Texas.

The Texas collection agency bond gives consumers the right to “file against” the bond when they have legitimate reason for doing so, for any damage caused to them by a collection agency operating in the state.




Texas Collection Agency Bond: The Premium




The premium for this surety bond is very low.

The bond may cost as little as $100 for the vast majority of applicants!

The bond also may or may not be conditioned to an applicant’s credit score.

In any case, the bond is favorably priced for collection agencies operating in Texas.




Texas Collection Agency Bond: Duration




This surety bond when issued is good for one year.

Thereafter, the bond must be renewed on an annual basis.




Where to file the Texas Debt Collection Agency Bond / Third Party Debt Collector Bond




Once purchased, applicants will want to file the original bond – not an emailed copy to:

Unit Mailing Address:
Registrations Unit
Secretary of State
P.O. Box 13193
Austin, Texas 78711-3193




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