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Texas Ready-Mix Surety Bond

October 1, 2018

The Texas Department of Transportation requires a Texas ready-mix surety bond of concrete trucks. The bond amount has a maximum amount of $15,000. The purchase of this bond is quick and easy and there is no credit check inquiry. Please call AmeriPro Surety Bonds at 844-589-9732.

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Texas Transporters of Concrete




The Texas Department of Public Safety is the regulatory bond which oversees transporters of concrete in Texas.

According to Section 623.0171 of the Texas Transportation Code, concrete transporters are required to have and maintain a permit.

And, according to the Section 622.015 of the same code, Texas transporters may also be required to maintain a surety bond. The premium for a full year term (your bond has an expiry date of August 31st) is just $150.00



Qualifying and the Premium


You are automatically approved for the Texas ready-mix surety bond.  There is no credit check; the bond is issued to you immediately after completion of a short surety bond application, which we'll take from you right over the phone.

When you call us, we'll ask you the basics:  The name, exactly as you want it to appear on your surety bond, along with your contact information:  business address, email, and phone number.

We'll also ask you the following:

  • Your vehicle make and model number;
  • Your full vehicle identification number (VIN);
  • The county where your business is located.

After payment of the premium, your surety bond and Power of Attorney form are issued to you for filing.  Upon receipt by mail, you'll sign your bond as Principal, and file all paperwork provided to:

Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

Attention Motor Carrier Division

4000 Jackson Avenue

Austin, Texas, 78731

***Premium Prepayment Options***

At $150 for a full annual term (August 31 - August 31), your bond will renew on the expiration date.  Our agency also offers you the option to prepay your bond up to 3 years, saving you over annual renewals and lengthening the time between renewals.

The premium prepayment option and savings are as follows:

  • If prepaid for 2 years, the premium is $270, a $30 savings;
  • If prepaid for 3 years, the premium is $390, a $60 savings.




Texas Ready-Mix Surety Bond: Amount and Purpose




The Texas ready-mix surety bond is a maximum $15,000 surety bond required of trucks who transport concrete within certain municipalities, cities, or towns in Texas.

The bond has a single purpose: It protects the localities from any damages caused on the highways by a truck which transports concrete and weighs more than 34,000 pounds.

Of note the Texas ready-mix surety bond protects others.

This surety bond is does not, therefore, protect the ready-mix driver, the company, or employees in any way.

Rather, the bond is a financial guarantee that damages --- up to the bond’s face amount --- will be covered in the even of an accident on Texas highways where the bond is required.

Unlike an insurance policy, any claims paid on a surety bond must always be reimbursed in full by the owner (also known as the principal) of the surety bond.




Texas Ready-Mix Surety Bond: Duration




Once issued, this surety bond is valid for one year and must be renewed annually to remain in compliance with the statutes.




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