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Utah Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturing Bond

September 4, 2018

Wine, distillery, and beer manufacturers in Utah are required to maintain an alcoholic beverage manufacturing bond for $10,000.
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Utah Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturing Bond

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Manufacturing of Utah Alcoholic Beverages




The regulation of manufactured alcoholic beverages in the state of Utah is overseen by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

The department divides alcoholic beverages into the following categories:

  • Winery license;
  • Distillery license;
  • Brewery license

All licenses granted by the state permit companies or individuals to sell these alcoholic beverages to both stores and customers who reside within and outside of Utah.




Licensing Period for a Utah Alcoholic Beverages:




The licensing period for Utah alcoholic beverages is between January 1st to December 31st of each year.




Other Manufacturing Licensing Requirements:




Becoming licensed in Utah as a manufacturer of alcoholic beverages involves the following:

  • Paying an initial fee of $3800 and $300 application fee for a total of $4,100;
  • Providing a history or non-history of your criminal background, which includes fingerprinting;
  • Providing a copy of your business license;
  • Providing the designation of your company (sole proprietorship, limited liability company, corporation, etc.);
  • Signing a form which allows for inspection of the premises where manufacturing is conducted;
  • Maintaining an insurance policy of $1mm per occurrence, and $2mm aggregate;
  • Obtaining and maintaining a surety bond (or the cash equivalent) with the obligee, namely, the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.



Utah Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturing Bond: Amount and Duration




The Utah alcoholic beverage manufacturing bond is for $10,000 and is issued for one year.

Manufacturers will want to ensure that the bond run concurrently with the manufacturing license so as to prevent any gaps in bond coverage.

Since the license runs for a calendar year beginning in January, this should be relatively easy to remember.

Utah Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturing Bond: Purpose

The purpose of the surety bond is to ensure that the manufacturer will comply with all laws relating to the manufacturing of alcoholic beverages.

As noted on the bond wording itself, the bond protects against wrongful acts committed by the agents, officers, and employees of the manufacturing company.




Utah Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturing Bond: Premium




The premium for this surety bond will only be a small percentage of the bond’s $10,000 face amount.

The premium you will pay, however, will be determined by a “soft pull” credit check.

Even in the most adverse instances, the cost for the bond should be no more than a small percentage of $10,000.00.




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