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Utah Employment Agency Bond

August 28, 2018

Employment agencies in Utah are required to obtain a Utah employment agency bond. This bond renews on an annual basis. Call AmeriPro Surety Bonds today at 844-589-9732.

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Utah Employment Agencies




Utah employment agencies can provide a critical economic function by successfully matching an employer who needs employees and vice versa.

Licensed Utah employment agencies are regulated by the state of Utah, Department of Insurance.

Below, AmeriPro Surety Bonds provides an overview on some of the qualification needed to be licensed as an employment agency in the state.

We also provide you with the first-time or a renewal Utah employment agency bond.




Utah Employment Agencies: Licensing




While Utah employment agencies are required to be licensed, the exact rules of licensing will depend on the city or town in which an employment agency is located.

Applicants who are opening a Utah employment agency may wish to contact:

* Board of city commissioners;

* County executive;

* the city council;

* the city board of trustees

As the case may be, to determine what qualifications are needed for the given city or town.

Once licensed, a Utah employment agency must display the licensing in a conspicuous manner in the office.




Utah Employment Agency Bond: Amount Required




Applicants for a new or renewal Utah employment agency bond are required to maintain a bond in an amount of $1,000.00.




Utah Employment Agency Bond: Purpose of the Bond




The purpose of the Utah employment agency bond is to protect any customers of an employment agency against acts of deception, fraud, or theft which an employment agency may commit.

Customers who are wronged by Utah employment agency have the right to file against the surety bond.




Utah Employment Agency Bond: Premium Amount




The premium for the Utah employment agency bond should be $100; however, the amount may vary if a credit check is required.

Even so, because the bond is a relatively low-dollar amount, applicants with lower credit scores will likely pay no more than $250.00 for this surety bond.

As in all cases, AmeriPro Surety Bonds will work to find you the best pricing for your surety bond.




Utah Employment Agency Bond: Duration




Once issued, the surety bond is active for one year.

Thereafter, the bond will need to be renewed, and there may be a credit check required.




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