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Utah Wildlife Agent Bond

August 31, 2018

Licensed wildlife agents in Utah are required to maintain a $5,000.00 Utah wildlife agent bond. Please call AmeriPro Surety Bonds for your wildlife agent bond today:

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Utah Wildlife Agent




Licensed Utah wildlife agents are granted police authority to perform various jobs involving rural areas of Utah.

Wildlife agents are regulated by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

Utah Wildlife agents:

  • Enforce laws relating to fishing and hunting;
  • Relocate dangerous animals;
  • Enforce laws against poaching;
  • Help locate lost persons in missing rural areas;
  • Educate the public on the best ways to maintain the natural beauty of Utah wildlife

And many other duties as needed and required.




Becoming Licensed as a Utah Wildlife Agent:




Becoming licensed as a Utah wildlife agent involves:

  • An extensive background check;
  • A physical agility test which tests your ability to swim, run, carry and lift heavy items, and the like;
  • A lie-detector (polygraph) test;
  • A psychological evaluation;
  • A physical exam subject to the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Finally, Utah wildlife agents are required to maintain a surety bond that is active and concurrent with their wildlife agent license.



Utah Wildlife Agent Bond: Amount and Purpose




The Utah wildlife agent bond is for $5,000.

The bond is required by the Division of Wildlife Resources (known as the obligee) to ensure that the licensed wildlife agent will comply with all regulations and rules related to their duties.




Utah Wildlife Agent Bond: Duration and Price




Applicants for the Utah wildlife agent bond have the option of prepaying their surety bond up to 3 years in advanced.

  • A one year $5000 Utah wildlife agent bond may cost as little as $100;
  • A two year prepaid agent bond may cost as little as $170;
  • A three year prepaid agent bond may cost as little as $270.

Wildlife agents will always need to maintain an active surety bond on file to operate as agents.

There may be a soft pull credit check (which does not affect your score) associated with obtaining the wildlife bond.




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