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Vermont Money Transmitter Bond


The Vermont money transmitter bond is offered with a standard approval, based upon good credit and other requirements, of 2%. Please call AmeriPro Surety Bonds: 844-589-9732.

Vermont Money Transmitter Bond

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Vermont Money Transmitter License




Vermont money transmitter business are licensed and regulated by the state’s Department of Financial Regulation.

The licensing and your surety bond are filed through NMLS, the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System. Our agency can electronically file your surety bond for you after its approval and purchase.

The money transmitter surety bond requirement is as follows:

  • A $100,000 surety bond minimum;
  • Plus an additional $10,000 for each location after the first one;
  • However, the surety bond amount is a maximum $500,000.

Of note is that Vermont check cashers and currency exchange businesses do not have a surety bond requirement.




Qualifying and the Premium




Qualifying for the Vermont money transmitter bond includes a short surety bond application, which we can begin with you over the phone, and a business or personal credit check inquiry.

Depending on the amount of surety bond required and other factors, you may also be asked to provide additional information (i.e. bank statements, financial statements, etc.) This is largely determined by the amount of surety required and your history in the business.

The standard premium rate is 2% of the bond’s amount; however, your credit score will be the biggest determining factor.

As noted above, after the bond’s approval, we’ll electronically file it on your behalf; or, you may choose to file it yourself.




Surety Bond Term




Your Vermont money transmitter bond is active for one year from the date of purchase. The bond renews annually on the anniversary of it issuance.

At that time, you may either repay your premium. If you require a different surety bond amount, adjustments can be made accordingly.




Purpose Of Your Bond Requirement




The Vermont money transmitter surety bond is a financial guarantee of your compliance with Title 8, Vermont Statutes Annotated, Chapter 73, as amended.




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