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WA Hearing Aid Salesman Bond

May 29, 2018

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Hearing Aid Salesperson Washington State

A hearing aid salesman (or hearing specialist) assists those with hearing problems in choosing the right type of equipment best suited to enabling better hearing.

Before engaging in this profession, hearing aid specialists must meet a number of criteria.

Included in these requirements is the posting of a $10,000 surety bond.


Washington hearing aid salesmen are regulated by the Washington Department of Health, Board of Hearing and Speech.

Becoming a Hearing Aid Specialist in Washington State

To become a hearing aid specialist in Washington State, one must either:

Complete a two (2) year degree,


Obtain a 9-month certificate program in hearing aid instructions.

Both types of applicants must pass a board administered examination.

Washington hearing aid specialists must also have a registered agent for service of process in case they are sued for alleged wrongdoing.

Applicants also undergo a complete background check before any hearing aid salesman license is issued.

While these licensing requirements are not all encompassing, they do, however, give you a brief overview of the requirements for this profession.

Once issued, the license renews (along with any related fees) on an annual basis.

Washington Salesman Hearing Aid Specialist Surety Bond

Washington state requires hearing aid specialists to purchase a surety bond for $10,000.

A common misunderstanding is that the purchase of a surety bond somehow protects the professional.

No; in addition to being required to obtain a license, a surety bond protects the public ---in this case, customers of the hearing aid specialist ---- against any acts of fraud, dishonesty, or harm committed in the course of engaging in this profession.

A surety bond may be more correctly thought of as a type of insurance policy the professional purchases to protect others against potential acts of malfeasance committed by the professional.

Cost of a Washington Aid Surety Bond

 While the face amount of a Washington aid bond is $10,000, applicants, of course, will only pay a small fraction of this amount.

Applicants to AmeriPro Surety Bonds with optimal credit scores may pay only a few hundred dollars for hearing aid salesman bond.

Should your credit scores be lower, the amount paid for the bond (the premium) will be correspondingly higher.

At AmeriPro Surety Bonds, however, we will work with you to get the best pricing available regardless of your credit circumstances.

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