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WA Manufactured Home Dealer Bond

June 4, 2018
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Washington Manufactured Home Dealer


Manufactured homes have made many great strides in production quality over the years.

Such improvements have been so good that some manufactured homes are practically indistinguishable from homes constructed onsite.


Becoming a Manufactured Home Dealer in Washington State


To become a manufactured home dealer in Washington, applicants are required to complete an application and pay a $975 fee, and a business license fee of $19.

They must file an a “Source of Funds” statement.  This form must be completed for each partner in a manufacturing home business.

Finally, they are required to file a $30,000 surety bond.  This bond must be obtained before a dealer license will be issued.


Persons Who Must Register as Manufactured Dealers:


If a person sells more than 4 manufactured homes in any 12-month period, or any manufactured homes not registered to the seller, and the seller is not licensed, the seller acts illegally.

Other Requirements:


In addition to the above prohibited activities, manufactured home dealers must have an office  which is open during “normal business hours”.

Washington state defines this as, at least 10 am to 4 pm., 5 days a week.

Dealers may, of course, have longer hours and more days.

Business property must also be in a commercial enclosed area, with a permanent sign affixed to a building.


$30,000 Surety Bonds for Manufactured Home Dealers


In addition to addition to all of the above, manufactured home dealers in Washington must post a $30,000 surety bond.

The surety bond is required as a guarantee that manufactured home dealers will comply with all laws and regulations in the performance of their duties.

It also serves as protection for the consumer against acts of fraud, willful deception, and other acts of criminal malfeasance.


Cost of the $30,000 Surety Bond


AmeriPro Surety Bonds considers it an honor that you consider us for your surety bond needs.

Although the among of this surety bond is $30,000, the price you will ultimately pay will be a fraction of that amount.

The pricing of this surety bond will be determined by:

  • Your credit score;
  • Your financials (including stated net worth)
  • To some extent, your history in the manufactured home dealer business.

AmeriPro Surety Bonds is committed to working with you to get the best pricing for your dealership.

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