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Washington D.C. Postsecondary Institution Bond

February 25, 2020

The Washington D.C. postsecondary degree institution bond will have a maximum requirement of $250,000. Approval is based on good credit, at 1% (minimum $100). Applicants for any amount up to $50,000 are approved immediately. Please call AmeriPro Surety Bonds: 844-589-9732.

Washington D.C. Postsecondary Institution Bond

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Licensing of Washington D.C. Postsecondary Institutions




Washington D.C.’s Higher Education Licensing Commission (HELC) is the governmental entity charged with the regulation of postsecondary schools.

A condition of licensing is that your school obtain a surety bond in the amount required by the HELC.

While no specific surety bond amount is given, the following are applicable:

  • It will be $3,000 per agent.
  • It is not to exceed $250,000.

This is as noted in the Code of the District of Columbia, §38-1311.




Qualifying and the Premium




Up to a $50,000 surety bond requirement, you and your school are automatically approved for the Washington D.C. postsecondary institution bond. The premium is just 1% of the amount required and is good for one year.

Surety bond requirements for the DC postecondary school bond which are greater than $50,000 require an application, an underwriter review and a credit check inquiry. It might also be helpful to submit financial statements (i.e. banking statements) if your bond requirement is greater than $100,000

For these larger surety bond amounts, good credit is required for approval.

Approval is granted at the same rate of 1%, annually.

Whatever the amount required, upon approval of your surety bond and payment of the premium, your bond is issued to you immediately.

We’ll mail you your bond, which the President and Secretary of your school will need to sign, along with a Power of Attorney form.

All completed documents will then be filed by you to:

District of Columbia Higher Education Licensure Commission

810 First Street NE

2nd Floor

Washington, DC 20002




Purpose Of Your Surety Bond Requirement




Your District of Columbia postsecondary institution bond is a financial guarantee for your students should your school subsequently:

  • Breach its contractual obligations to students;
  • Undergo a bankruptcy;
  • Or otherwise end its educational program.




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