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Washington Fish Dealer Bond


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Washington State Wholesale Fish Dealer:


In Washington State, a wholesale fish dealer is one who sales fish and shellfish to Washington state fish dealers, who in turn, sell fish and shellfish to the consumer public.

Since wholesale fish dealers are required to purchase a surety bond (in a minimum amount of $2,000) and fish dealers are not required to purchase a surety bond, this article concentrates principally on Washington state wholesale fish dealers.

AmeriPro Surety Bonds will help you to quickly secure the wholesale fish dealer surety bond in the amount required by your professional circumstances.

Definition of a Wholesale Fish Dealer in Washington State:


Washington state defines a wholesale fish dealer as someone who:

  • Acts as a broker for the buying and selling of food fish or shellfish;
  • Is in the business of employing fish buyers;
  • Is in the process of processing or canning fish or shellfish for consumer use;
  • Manufactures fertilizer, oil, meal, caviar, and other products from fish or shellfish.

Cost of a Washington Wholesale Fish License and License Term:


The cost of a wholesale fish license is $355 a year.  The license renews on an annual basis.

The surety bond, discussed below, runs concurrently with the license and will also need to be renewed on an annual basis.

Washington State Wholesaler Fish Dealer Surety Bond:

Washington wholesale fish dealers are required to post a surety bond in the amount of:

A minimum of $2,000,


For each additional buyer related to the wholesale business, the bond is increased by $1,000,

Subject to,

A maximum of $50,000.

The bond is required to protect against acts of dishonesty or fraud which may be committed by a wholesaler in the performance of their duties.  As such, the bond is not a liability policy for the fish wholesaler.  It is, rather, a protection purchased by a wholesale fish dealer against any acts of malfeasance that they may commit.

The Cost of a Washington State Fish License Bond:

Depending on the amount required (i.e., the minimum amount or somewhere between that and the maximum amount —see above) this surety bond may be an instant issue bond, where no credit score check or underwriting is required — or a bond whose premium is based on the following two criteria:

  • The face bond amount (for instance, if the bond is for $10,000);
  •  your credit score.

About AmeriPro Surety Bonds:

AmeriPro Surety Bonds will work to get you the best pricing available for your Washington state wholesaler surety bond.

AmeriPro Surety Bonds provides all types of surety bonds —contract, license & permit, and court surety bonds in Washington State.

We also provide surety bonds on a nationwide scale in all 50 states.

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