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Washington State Contractor Bond

May 23, 2018

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Washington Contractor License

 In Washington State, although there are no exams, prerequisite courses, or prior experience which are required to become a licensed contractor, there are still a number of rules which govern the profession and must be followed.

These rules must be adhered to or Washington contractors risk suspension of their license, and in some cases, applicable fines or licensing revocation.

Becoming a Contractor in Washington State:

Decide if you will be a General or Specialty Contractor:

Contractors in Washington state must first determine if they are going to be a general contractor or a specialty contractor.

Washington state general contractors may handle any aspect of contracting as a profession.

Specialty contractors handle one trade only.

Registration Fees:

After determining the business structure (i.e. sole proprietorship, LLC, corporation, etc.) an applicant must pay a registration fee of $180.


Applicants must also complete a business licensing application.

Insurance Requirements:

Washington State contractors must purchase a liability insurance policy.

This policy must:

  1. Be for $50,000 property damage and $200,000 liability, or;
  2. A combined policy of $250,000.

Surety Bond Requirements for a Washington Contractor Bond:

Contractors in Washington State must also do one of two things.

  1. They must post a surety bond in the amount of $12,000 or;
  2. $6,000.  This is irrespective of how big or small their company may be.

 Getting a Washington State Contractor Bond

 Washington State contractor who are general contractors must purchase a surety bond for $12,000.

Contractors who are specialty contractors must purchase a surety bond for $6,000.

AmeriPro Surety Bonds and your Washington State Contractor Bond:

Whereas the liability insurance policy protects some aspects of the business of a contractor, surety bonds are required as a policy which protect the public from fraudulent, criminal or deceptive business practices on the part of the contractor.

The surety bond is issued in favor of Washington state and on behalf of the people of the state.

AmeriPro Surety Bonds will help you quickly get your contractor bond for filing with Washington state.

Cost of the Washington State Contractor Bond

The cost of this surety bond will be determined by your credit score.  Those with good credit scores may pay as low as $100 for this surety bond.

For those with challenged credit issues, we encourage you to take heart:  AmeriPro Surety Bonds will work with you to get the best pricing possible.

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