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Washington Waste Tire Collector Bond

June 7, 2018

Washington State Waste Tire Collector | AmeriPro Surety Bonds



Washington Waste Tire Collector


To eliminate both the unsightly and environmentally unhealthy practice of tire dumping, the state of Washington licenses companies to collect and properly dispose of unwanted tires.

In this connection, in 2005, Washington created a tire waste program that is funded by collecting a $1 fee for all new tires sold in the state.

Exceptions to this rule $1 fee are tires which are sold to the federal government; an Indian reservation, under certain conditions; retreaded tires; and tires which are sold as a result of a vehicle recall.



Becoming a Waste Tire Collector in Washington State


Quite likely, if you are engaged in the business of waste tire collection in Washington State, you are required to be licensed as a waste tire collector.

Exceptions to this licensing rule include the following:

  • If your business transports 5 tires or less;
  • If your business transports tires for repair, retreading or exchange
  • If you are a Washington state municipality or federal entity involved in cleaning up old tires

If the above does not apply to an applicant, then a license is required.


Licensing Required for Waste Tire Collectors


Washington waste tire collector licensees pay a $200 annual fee for licensing and a $50 fee for each additional location.

There is also a non-refundable $19 application fee.

Additionally, licenses for waste tire collectors must be conspicuously posted in the business location.

Though this overview is not all-encompassing, there is, in addition to this, a $10,000 surety bond required.


$10,000 Bond of Waste Tire Collector:


Washington State requires licensed tire collectors to post a $10,000 surety bond.

The bond is not an “insurance policy” for the waste tire collector.

The bond, rather, protects the state of Washington against potential criminal, fraudulent, and willful wrongdoing on the part of the tire collector.

If there were a claim paid on this bond, it would be the responsibility of the tire collector to reimburse it in full.


Cost of the Washington Tire Collector Bond


AmeriPro Surety Bonds provides all types of surety bonds in Washington State.  The cost of this bond should, ideally, be a few hundred dollars at most; however, the applicant’s credit score will largely be the deciding factor.

We will always work to get you the best pricing available.

For those with challenged credit scores, we have options for you as well.


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