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Wyoming Certificate of Title Bond

February 11, 2020

A Wyoming certificate of title bond is statutorily twice the retail value of your vehicle. Our agency offers you this bond up to $50,000, without a credit inquiry, for only 1% (min. $100). Please call AmeriPro Surety Bonds at 844-589-9732.

Wyoming Certificate of Title Bond

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Wyoming Lost Title Surety Bond




A Wyoming certificate of title bond may also be referred to as a Wyoming bonded title, a defective title bond, WY lost title bond; all terms refer to the same thing.

The Wyoming Department of Transportation will require this bond when you cannot demonstrate clear title or ownership of a vehicle.

Besides the surety bond, which we’ll provide for you, you’ll also need to complete the following:

You are also required to obtain a surety bond that is twice the retail value of your vehicle. Determining the amount required may be done by referring to NADA or Kelley Blue Book.




Qualifying and the Premium




Our agency provides the Wyoming certificate of title bond in whatever amount required.

However, up to and including a $50,000 surety bond requirement, we provide this bond immediately and without a credit check. The premium will be 1% of the bond’s amount, with a $100 minimum.

Your premium is a onetime payment for the term of your surety bond.

In preparation for obtaining your surety bond, we’ll ask you the following questions when you call us:

  • The certificate of title bond amount, along with your name and address, exactly as they should appear on your surety bond;
  • The year, make, model, and trim of your vehicle;
  • Your vehicle’s full vehicle identification number (VIN).

For amounts up to and including a $50,000 requirement, after payment of the premium, our agency issues your bond to you immediately.

The original bond, which will be signed and notarized by us as Surety, will be sent to you along with a Power of Attorney (POA). This is the certification form referred to by the state’s Department for the Attorney in Fact.

Upon receipt, you’ll have notarized and signed your bond as Principal before filing it with the Department of Transportation.

The filing address for your fully completed bond and POA form is:

WYDOT-Motor Vehicle Services

5300 Bishop Boulevard

Cheyenee, WY 82009

Phone numbers:  307-777-4883; 307-777-4710; 307-777-4709

Please note:  In the event that you require a Wyoming bond for certificate of title in an amount greater than $50,000, a signed application and a credit check are required.  Good credit will be required for amounts greater than $50,000; and the premium remains the same 1% rate. 



Purpose of Your Surety Bond Requirement




While the Wyoming certificate of title bond is required of you as the vehicle’s owner, its purpose is to protect the state of Wyoming, and any prior or subsequent owners of your vehicle (including any lien holders), in the event that information is later discovered about your vehicle which causes any of these other parties loss or harm.

This is in accordance with Wyoming statute W.S. 31-2-105.




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