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Wyoming Pharmaceutical Wholesale Distributor Bond

February 18, 2020

The $100,000 Wyoming pharmaceutical wholesale distributor bond will have a premium, on approval of your good credit, of $1,000 annually. Please call us at AmeriPro Surety Bonds: 844-589-9732.

Wyoming Pharmaceutical Wholesale Distributor Bond

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Pharmaceutical wholesale distributors in Wyoming are required to obtain a $100,000 surety bond as per the requirements of the Wyoming State Board of Pharmacy. The same is true of Wyoming manufacturers or third party logistics providers.

Our agency offers all three surety bonds.




Qualifying and the Premium




Qualifying for the $100,000 Wyoming pharmaceutical wholesale distributor bond (and any of the other bonds) is by completion of an application, and submitting to an underwriter review, which includes a credit check inquiry.

We can accept a verbal application from you by phone.

The application process will include asking the following questions:

  • Your company name and contact information;
  • The number of years you’ve been in business;
  • If you have ever had an infraction or fine by any state regulatory department;
  • If you have any lawsuits or judgments against you;
  • Whether or not you’ve ever had a surety bond canceled or denied;
  • If you’ve ever declared bankruptcy;
  • Your name and contact information to include your social security number.

Things which work in your favor are some experience in the business, although a lack of prior experience is not formally disqualifying.

The main determinant will be your credit score. To be approved, good credit will be required; the approval rate is 1%, $1000 annually.

Upon approval of your bond and payment of the premium, our agency issues the bond to you immediately along with a Power of Attorney.

Delivery is by regular mail. Overnight delivery is offered for an additional fee.




Term of Your Bond




Your pharmaceutical wholesale distributor bond is offered for a one year term. A few months before your bond renews, you’ll receive an email allowing you to pay your bond’s premium for renewal.




Purpose of Your Surety Bond




The bond is a financial guarantee of your pledge to comply with all Wyoming statutes; and to recompense the state or any person for any breach of laws which results in some harm.




About Us




AmeriPro Surety Bonds is a surety bonds-only agency. We provide pharmaceutical-related surety bonds wherever required nationwide.

Our agency is also a provider of license and permit, court, probate and other surety bonds in Wyoming and all 50 states.

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