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Fast & Easy Surety Bonds

From instant-issue bonds you can buy outright to customized bonds with fast applications and callbacks, we have everything you need to get your business bonded and moving.

License Bonds

Aka Commercial Bonds. Get bonded and licensed to start your business today!

Contractor Bond

Most states require contractors to be bonded, and some may even have criminal penalties if you aren’t. Make sure you and your business are safe.

Mortgage Broker Bond

Mortgage brokers in most states are required to purchase a bond. Get bonded to give your lenders and clients the security they need.

Auto Dealer Bond

Are you opening a new or used auto dealership? Your state will require you to purchase and register an auto dealer surety bond.

Process Server Bond

Fulfill your state’s requirements to serve legal process. This may be an instant-issue bond depending on your state. Get bonded to become a process server today!


California DMV Registration Services Bond

Are you planning to offer DMV registration services? You will be required by California law to buy this surety bond.

Notary Public Bond

Instant Issue Bond for Notary Publics. Ready to start witnessing signatures for your state? Make it official this instant with a Notary Bond.

Credit Repair Bond

Many states require Credit Repair Organizations (CRO’s) to purchase a Credit Repair Bond in order to operate. Take your CRO to the next level with a Credit Repair Bond.

Tax Preparer Bond

Instant Issue Bond for tax preparers. Satisfy your state’s bonding requirements and complete the establishment of your tax preparation business.

What is a License Bond?

Required by a municipality or other public body as a condition to granting a license or permit to engage in a specified activity, this bond guarantees that the party seeking the license or permit (the obligor) will comply with applicable laws or regulations. These bonds can also be structured to provide indemnity guarantees to third parties who sustain injury or damage as a result of the obligor’s activities as described in the license or permit when such a guarantee is required. For example, businesses that hang signs over public sidewalks may be required to provide indemnity guarantees for injuries to pedestrians.

Court Bonds

Court bonds are often needed when taking an action through the court system. Just like any other bond they may be mandatory to limit or eliminate financial losses or for insurance for a court-appointed assignment. Court bonds are categorized as Judicial Bonds, and Fiduciary/Probate Bonds.

Plaintiff Bond

To file a lawsuit, you may be required by the court to guarantee that you will compensate the defense if you lose. Then you’ll need a Plaintiff Bond. Move forward with your claim today!


Appeal Bond

Do you believe a court decision is unfair to you? In order to appeal it, the court will require an appeal bond from you. Apply now to appeal the judgment you disagree with.


Setting up a retirement fund for your employees? You may need this fiduciary bond for your fund manager to comply with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act.


Attachment Bond

If you’ve asked for a writ of attachment during your lawsuit, the court may require you to file an attachment bond to protect the defendant against undue losses.

Probate Bond

This bond is likely to be required if you are to become the executor of an estate. Ensure all interested parties that you will manage the estate correctly with a probate bond.

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Contract Bonds

Guarantee to the government and/or your clients that you’ll fulfill your contractual obligations.

Employee Dishonesty Bond

Protect your business from the possible bad acts of your employees. These bonds are low premium and could prove invaluable!

Bid Bond

If you’re bidding for a project, you’ll need a bond to back up your bid. We can help you streamline the bidding process with minimal paperwork.

Miscellaneous Bonds

Overcome the hurdles of legal actions, and fulfill the requirements of the court.

Lost Instrument Bond

Do you need replace a lost or stolen financial certificate, such as a check or money order, CD, promisary note, stock certificate, etc? Your bank will ask you for a Lost Instrument Bond.

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