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Surety bonds
Fidelity & Erisa Bonds
Fidelity & Erisa Bonds
Just as the name suggests, fidelity surety bonds are surety bonds which protect against losses caused by the unlawful and/or fraudulent activity on the part of an employee.

Within the subcategory of fidelity surety bonds, there are also ERISA surety bonds.

ERISA, the Employment Retirement Security Act, are United States federally required and mandated surety bonds which protect against dishonesty for those who handle the funds or are connected with the administration and handling of employee benefit plans.

By the federal government’s own guidelines, the definition of a handler is very wide.  As such, a handler includes:

  • Those who act in a supervisory capacity over the administration of a employee benefit plan;
  • Anyone having physical, personal contact with cash, checks, or cash equivalents;
  • Someone with the the power to direct disbursement of funds;
  • Someone with the power to transfer funds to oneself or to a third party;
  • Power to negotiate mortgages or the transfer of property.


Obtaining A Fidelity Surety Bond Is Typically Easy


For fidelity surety bonds “Employee theft bonds”, our agency offers these to you without a credit check up to a $250,000 requirement.

AmeriPro Surety Bonds issues ERISA surety bonds without a prior credit check requirement up to $1,000,000.

Requirements in either categories which exceed these limits require submission of a completed surety bond application.  As part of the underwriting criteria, this will include a determination of good credit to be granted approval for amounts above this threshold.

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