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California Conservatorship Bond


AmeriPro Surety Bonds offers you the California conservatorship bond in the amount that the state's probate court requires of you. Up to a $100,000 surety bond requirement, we also provide this bond without a credit check inquiry. Greater amounts are conditioned on determination of good credit. Please call AmeriPro Surety Bonds at 844-589-9732.

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California Conservatorship Bond

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Our agency only entertains California probate surety bonds which have an attorney who is to be active throughout the entire probate proceedings.  Additionally, all applicants MUST be United States citizens with no felonies on their records.


Surety Bond; Purpose and Amount



A California court-appointment as a conservator is an important fiduciary responsibility.  Conservators are charged with overseeing the financial affairs and wellbeing of someone who is either a minor, or an incapacitated adult.

A likely condition of your appointment if you’re reading this is that you obtain a surety bond in the amount that the California court requires.  

The surety bond requirement is a guarantee for the court and the estate that you will observe all California laws regarding conservatorships, and that you will act in a personally disinterested, objective manner.

The amount of the surety bond is statutorily determined by the court as follows:

  • 10% of the value, up to $500,000, of the personal property held in the estate; real property held in the estate that you may sell without a court order; and/or likely income from all assets in the estate; and also, as further describe in Probate Code 2340;
  • 12% of the value, over $500,000 -- and up to $1,000,000, as above;
  • 2% of the value over $1,000,000, as above. 

This surety bond may alternately be referred to as a California guardian/guardianship bond.  For our purposes here, these terms are synonymous.




Qualifying and the Premium




Our agency provides the California conservatorship bond in whatever amount required.  

Applicants who require a conservatorship/guardianship bond up to $100,000 may be approved without a credit check inquiry.

Applicants who require a conservatorship/guardianship bond greater than $100,000 will be subject to a careful surety bond underwriter review of your conservatorship application.  This review includes a credit check inquiry.  

To be approved for this higher amount, good credit is required, as also providing any additional supporting information as requested.

Our agency will need all of the following from you to have your bond issued:

  • A copy of the California court order appointing you conservator and which states the conservatorship surety bond requirement;
  • A completed surety bond application.  The surety bond application will be sent to you via DocuSign to facilitate ease and timeliness of completion;
  • Review of your surety bond application according to the amounts as discussed above;
  • Upon approval of your surety bond, payment of at least the first annual premium.

Our agency issues your conservatorship surety bond and a Power of Attorney form to you immediately upon payment of the premium.  We will sign and have it notarized as Surety.

Upon receipt by mail, you will sign your bond as Principal, and then you will file it along with the POA form to the presiding probate court.




Annual Renewal of Your Conservatorship Surety Bond Premium




The premium associated with your California conservator/guardian bond renews annually on the anniversary of your bond’s issuance for as long as the court requires surety.

Premiums paid are earned in full and are therefore non-refundable in whole or in part.




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