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South Carolina Garnishment Bond

July 8, 2021

The South Carolina garnishment bond allows a Plaintiff, prejudgment, to seize the assets, wages, or accounts of a Defendant. South Carolina requires that the bond be at least twice the value of the assets seized. Please call AmeriPro Surety Bonds at

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Surety Bond; Amount And Purpose


A South Carolina garnishment order allows a Plaintiff, prejudgment, to seize the accounts, assets, or wages of a Defendant.  Unlike an attachment order, the seized assets are not held by the Plaintiff; instead, a third party holds the sequestered goods.

South Carolina law, Chapter 42, as amended, requires that the garnishment surety bond to be at least double the amount of the assets to be seized.

While required of the Plaintiff, the surety bond serves as a financial guarantee for the Defendant to pay any court costs, damages, fees, and losses, should the court subsequently determine that the garnishment order was wrongly issued.


Qualifying and the Premium


Our agency offers you the plaintiff’s South Carolina garnishment bond to a $100,000 surety requirement without a credit check.

A garnishment surety bond greater than $100,000 is submitted to a surety underwriter for review. The review process includes a credit check inquiry.  Good credit is required for approval.

Regardless of the amount, to issue your garnishment bond, our agency will need the following from you:

  • A copy of the South Carolina court order stating that a garnishment surety bond is required.  In lieu of a court order, a letter from legal counsel which provides the same information as found on a court order is acceptable;
  • A completed surety bond application.  We’ll typically provide that application to you via Docusign.  Docusign allows you to complete, sign, and return the application to our agency electronically;
  • Review of your completed application.  
  • Upon approval, payment of the first annual premium.


Issuing Your Garnishment Bond


Your garnishment bond and a Power of Attorney form are issued to you immediately upon receipt of the premium.

The items are then mailed to the plaintiff for signing and filing with the court.  

Our agency does not need a copy of the completed surety bond.


Annual Renewal of the Premium


The premium for your South Carolina garnishment bond is subject to annual renewals on the anniversary of your bond’s issuance for as long as the court requires surety.

Premiums paid are earned in full.  Refunds are not offered.


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