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Colorado Lost Deed of Trust Bond

July 12, 2021

AmeriPro Surety Bonds offers you the Colorado lost deed of trust bond in the amount required; and up to a $100,000 requirement from the title company, we can also provide you this bond with potentially quicker approval. Please call us today at:

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Colorado Title Companies; Deeds of Trust


In the process of selling or refinancing your Colorado home, a title search will take place.  As you likely already know, the purpose of the title search is to make sure that the title to your home is “clear”; and that, moreover, you have the legal right to either sell or refinance the home.

Just before you are about to close, the title company may have informed you that there is no evidence that either a prior deed, lien, or loan has been properly reconveyed.

You may have long forgotten about this loan, having paid it off many moons ago, and in the interim years, forgotten about it entirely --- precisely because you, in fact, paid it off.

On top of that, the company who held the lien or deed may now be out of business; or, what is frequently the case, the chain of ownership cannot be established through MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration System).

Consequently, the title company may request (read: require)  that you obtain a Colorado lost deed of trust bond.

Purpose of a CO Lost Deed of Trust Bond


In short, while you might think of the Colorado lost deed of trust bond as merely something “that I need to get, so I can sell/refinance my home!” it’s actually more significant than that.

The surety bond serves as a financial guarantee for the title company that absolves them from any financial liability should a claimant subsequently arise and demonstrate that the deed or lien was either not satisfied or was not reconveyed, due to a failure to fulfill the terms of the agreement.

In short, your Colorado lost deed of trust bond is a way for the title company to protect their own interests while allowing you to refinance or sell your home.

Obtaining the Colorado Lost Deed of Trust Bond --- Easier than You Might Think


Since it is the title company that requires you to obtain the surety bond on their behalf (they are what’s known as the obligee since they are ‘obliging you’ to obtain surety as a condition of the selling or refinancing your home), they’ll have the items needed to obtain your bond.  

We’ll need those items:

  • They’ll tell you the amount of the bond required.  This will typically be a multiple of the lost deed of trust.  Some agencies will only ask a dollar for dollar.  If so, for you, so much the better.  The thing is: you let the title company tell you what they require;
  • A copy of the “preliminary report”.  Any title company will have this.  You just need to provide a copy to our agency;
  • A copy of the deed of trust;
  • Summary from you to the facts surrounding the note/deed:  Was it paid? What efforts, if any, were made, to locate the beneficiary?
  • Of course, a completed application, and, perhaps a financial statement from you.  The "financial statement" requirement is discussed further below.


Qualifying and the Premium


Our agency has the ability to issue this bond up to $100,000 with faster approval. There is a credit check for any lost deed of trust bond amount. The premium payment is a onetime payment, and the bond is active for the statutory limit in Colorado.

An amount above $100,000 is subject to an underwriter review.  This review will include a credit check.  You may also be requested to provide a financial statement as a condition of approval.

Note that underwriters are typically looking for you to demonstrate enough assets to cover the amount of the bond.   Financial statements are based on your word, alone; there is no verifying of any stated in question.  If you can recall it, think of the days of the "stated income" loans.

Credit Concerns, If Applicable


If you have good credit, otherwise meeting other criteria should allow for a smooth and seamless approval of your Colorado lost deed of trust bond.

But while “good credit” is typically required for approval of this lost deed of trust bond, our surety also has access to a liaison which has their own “internal” credit scoring method.

What this means in the practical order, is that what may be considered a “bad” FICO score, may be considered a “good” credit score using this internal surety credit scoring of underwriting.

In any case, please contact our agency.

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