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Employee Dishonesty Surety Bond


Employee Dishonesty Bond




Who would have guessed?  An employee dishonesty bond exists.

This surety bond is purchased by an employer who wishes to protect his or her company from potential acts of dishonesty (think:  theft or embezzlement) by a potentially unscrupulous employee.




Employee Dishonesty Bond:  Who requires one?




With almost all other surety bonds, there is an entity --- i.e. the state, insurance, secretary of state, or some other licensing entity which requires that a surety bond be posted to lawfully engage in a given line of work.

An employee dishonesty bond is different.

An employee dishonesty bond has no such entity that requires its purchase.

However, given its frequently low premium cost (some for as little as $100; many for only several hundred dollars a year), at AmeriPro Surety Bonds, it is our professional opinion that just about every company with employees should at least seriously consider the purchase of an employee dishonesty bond.




Facts are Facts...Unfortunately, sometimes employees are dishonest.




The unfortunate fact of the matter is that employees sometimes do engage in unlawful acts which are financially or materially harmful to a company.

Furthermore, sometimes such acts aren't discovered immediately; there may be several weeks, months, and sometimes even years before such misbehavior is clearly brought to light.

And yet, even further, sometimes --- not always, but sometimes, such acts are committed by the most entrusted employees.

But what happens in the meantime?  Your company loses many thousands of dollars, perhaps up to and including its reputation with the consumer public; and even, in the worst case scenarios, its existence.




Employee Dishonesty Bonds are almost always relatively cheap...and it's easy to qualify.




The small premium cost associated with an employee dishonesty bond and the corresponding value and protection it provides your company merit your thoughtful consideration.

The bond covers all employees of your company.  For amounts up to $100,000, it is very easy to qualify.  For amounts above that, it is still easy to qualify; it is just that, obviously, it takes a little more time.




AmeriPro Surety Bonds and your dishonesty surety bond....




AmeriPro Surety Bonds provides dishonesty surety bonds in all 50 states.

We will be happy to work with you toward your purchase of an employee dishonesty bond.

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