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California Pest Control Bond


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California Pest Control Bond




Before we begin, AmeriPro Surety Bonds would like to offer a quick word of clarification for buyers of the California pest control bond.

This “instant issue” California pest control surety bond is for pest control companies which operate in California and which target pests that “…may invade households or structures, including railroad cars, ships, docks, trucks, airplanes, or the contents thereof.”

This surety bond, then, is not for pest control companies which operate by plane and which spray crops.

While AmeriPro Surety Bond does offer that type of surety bond as well, this article relates to pest control companies as defined above.




The Amount of the California Pest Control Bond




The California Department of Consumer Affairs Structural Pest Control Board regulates pest control companies in California.

This regulatory body requires a surety bond for pest control companies for $12,500.




Instant Issue Bond:  What is that, exactly?




An instant issue bond is just that:  A bond that is issued to you instantly upon completion of the application and receipt of the payment by AmeriPro Surety Bonds.

A California pest control bond is just that.  This means that there is no formal underwriting or credit check involved in the purchase of this bond.

Once issued, you will need to have it filed with the California Department of Consumer Affairs.




How much is a California Pest Control Bond?




The California pest control surety bond is issued in 3 amounts:

  • For a one-year term, the premium is:  $125.00.
  • For two years, the premium is:  $218.75, which is a savings of $31.25.
  • For three years, the premium amount is:  $312.50, a savings of $62.50.

You will, obviously, make the choice for your bond term.

Ideally, this bond should be purchased for the full length of your licensing term.  That way when your license renews, you’ll know to renew your pest control bond at the same time.  And you don’t have to worry about a lapse in your bond --- which would mean a lapse in your ability to operate as a pest control company.




Why does this Bond Exist?




The California pest control bond is not a liability insurance policy which protects you or your pest control company. This bond exists to protect the public --- your customers --- from acts of negligence, harm, or malfeasance committed in the performance of pest control.

Any payments on claims made by consumers against a bond must be fully compensated by the pest control company in order to keep the license in good standing.




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