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Utah Motor Club Bond

September 4, 2018

The Utah Department of Insurance requires motor clubs to obtain and maintain a $100,000 Utah motor club bond. AmeriPro Surety Bonds helps applicants obtain the required surety bond t a fair price. Please call us today at 844-589-9732.

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AmeriPro Surety Bonds provides customers and businesses alike with the first-time or a renewal Utah motor club bond.




Utah Motor Clubs




A motor club is defined as an association of which allows motorists to join, for a fee, and share in the collective benefits of the organization.

Motor clubs may sometimes provide the following benefits to members:

  • Roadside assistance and towing when necessary;
  • The posting of bail bonds for certain traffic violations ;
  • Special pricing and discounts for vacation travels;
  • Special deals on stays at hotels or motels;
  • Mapping and assistance with itinerary for trips;
  • Ability to sometimes bundle multiple policies under an umbrella, thereby saving the member on premiums;
  • Renewing registration for vehicles and the transfer of titles;
  • Ordering of specialized auto plates and replacement auto plates.



Regulation of Utah Motor Clubs:




In Utah, motor clubs are regulated by the Utah Department of Insurance.




Becoming Licensed as a Utah Motor Club:




Licensing provisions for Utah motor clubs are regulated by the Commissioner of the Insurance department.

Specifically, some of the requirements for licensing as a Utah motor club include:

  • The full completion of a licensing application ;
  • The payment of a $1000.00 application fee, and a $75 e-commerce fee. Assume that these fees are non-refundable;
  • An application for a Certificate of Authority;
  • Indication by the applicant of what type of services the motor club will provide;
  • An up to date, audited financial statement for the motor club company;
  • Applicants must provide a biography of each officer, director, and trustee of the motor club company;
  • Renewal Utah motor club applicants will want to check the Department of Insurance website for current, relevant information;
  • Both the new registrants and renewal registrants will need to maintain a Utah motor club bond.



Utah Motor Club Bond: Amount & Purpose




The Utah motor club bond is required by the Utah Department of Insurance for $100,000.

The purpose of the Utah motor club bond is to protect consumers from any acts or omissions which violate statutes which govern Utah motor clubs, both those which are domiciled in the state, and those out of state motor clubs operating in Utah.

The bond is required as a condition of licensing.




Utah Motor Club Bond: Premium




The Utah motor club bond is for $100,000; however the premium will be a small percentage of that amount.

How much the premium will be is determined by the applicant’s or businesses credit score.

AmeriPro Surety Bonds, as your agency of choice, will work to find you the best pricing available, regardless of a personal credit or business scoring.




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As a motor club, you are in the business of helping others move safely.

As a surety bond agency, AmeriPro Surety Bonds helps you help you protect customers by keeping you compliant with the surety bond requirements.

We look forward to working for you.

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